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Set Your Soul on Fire

SparkSoul brings together a boutique networks of masterful guides in a community whose collective goal is global growth & transformation.   Empower your journey by selecting a coach or healer or engage in a training or certification program.  Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there. 

Meet your Guides

Innovative healing in a contemporary world

Our  Masterful Guides gets to the heart of the conversation, pinpointing specific areas of interest and needs and connecting in a way that aligns with you. With options of integrative healing, you can follow your spark and see how our community can guide you.


Felicia Dhanani

Conscious Connection Coach

Founder of SparkSoul, Vikasa Health Expo, Brain Fit Therapeutic Yoga Program and The Lioness Pride. Certified Conscious Connection Coach.

Shari Dworkin-Smith

Certified Psychic Medium

A highly regarded evidence based medium who connects with those in the spirit world and proof that the soul continues.

Chrisinna Maffia

Hypnosis | Sound | Reiki

Certified yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, sound therapist, and Reiki Master. Yoga, meditation, sound healing and/or hypnosis

Dr. Shahnaz Nensey

Natural Health and Integrative Nutrition

Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine | Holistic Health Coach | Certified Natural Health Practitioner | Essential Oil Expert

Stephanie Bowman

Transformational Life Coach

Stephanie Bowman is the Founder, Visionary and CEO of One Heart for Women and Children in Orlando, Florida.

How SparkSoul Works

You have a Spark.

We’ve all had those moments when we just know we are meant for more and we are ready to take the next step to get there. Click on the Login Button and become a Seeker at no cost and go beyond the Spark!

Transform with our Masterful Guides by your side.

As a seeker, you understand that this journey of self-discovery is a quest, but you don’t have to go at it alone.  The process of transformation requires human connection and through this connection, there is the power of collective healing.  Our boutique group of vetted and highly masterful guides provides specialized resources and a safe place to explore your soul’s spark.

We’ll Meet You Where You’re At

No matter if you are looking for a personalized coach, a group program, or an online training, SparkSoul is here to meet you where you are at.  Going beyond traditional talk therapy and into highly specialized integrative healing modalities that explore methods and disciplines from all over the world.

It’s All Personal….

This is a personal process and our skilled Guides are here to walk your through.  SparkSoul offers a number of free trainings and videos as well as countless opportunities to engage with our Guides in coaching, energy healing, mediumship, wellness programs, self connection, leadership mentors and more.  Start your journey today!