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The Comfort Package

“I am not afraid of storms,
for I am learning how to sail my ship.” 
Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
Welcome, beautiful sister, to

Here we will focus on CLARITY and COURAGE.

Have you every felt lost and unable to navigate the waters in which you’ve found yourself?  Perhaps your emotions are weighing you down and leaving you paralyzed? It’s in THIS moment you have a decision to make. Do you REMAIN STUCK  or TAKE ACTION?

I have been where you are, so I understand the importance of Taking Action — and the value of having support in these difficult situations. When we work together, our goal will be to reconnect you with your inner power, leaving you feeling stronger, more confident, and with increased clarity.  

In this program of three sessions we will work on immediate issues with which you are struggling and help you surmount it by incorporating tools, creating habits, and finding resolutions.

In this safe space, I will guide you to clarity so you can courageously claim what is yours and live your life in joy, abundance, respect, health, and love.

The take aways you will receive from our time together will not only be applicable to this situation, but will also shift how you address all of life’s adversities.  

You will also receive Special Bonuses, which includes a:

  • Personalized Oracle card reading–  This is a self-reflective tool to enhance your spiritual practice. I will share insights and messages for your journey to a fulling life. These messages are always positive and encouraging.
  • Total body scan– Using a pendulum I will scan your physical system to find imbalances that need to be supported allowing balance and harmony in the body.
  • Chakra balancing– I will help with aligning and activating your energy points to create a flow and balance in your energetic body
  • Personalized gift box with tools to support your journey  – Little treasures to bring you joy and help you create personal rituals to support the mental body.

In this package you will receive:

  • Three 75-minute sessions
  • 10% off all future retreats, workshops and future programs.
  • 4 Bonuses

If you are ready to move forward to feel empowered, clear, and confident, then this is the right program for you.

To see if this is the right program for you book your 30 min free consult Here

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Tuesday -Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm est