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The Decadent Package

“Too much of a good thing
can be wonderful.” 
Mae West

Welcome, beautiful sister,

This is the right program for you if you want to put the finishing touches on a beautiful life and progress to the next level of conscious living.

If you are like most of my clients who choose the Decadent Package, then you have worked hard, you know you’re worthy, and you’re ready to experience total harmony between the world and your soul.

As a powerful woman, you will never stop growing. But perhaps there are some areas where you feel you’ve acquired more success, either in your personal life or your professional life— now is the time to fill those gaps and reach a state of complete balance.

I say BRAVO to you, beautiful sister, for choosing to focus on your continued growth.

I am excited for you because you have reached the right program to claim what’s yours in an uplifting and holistic lifestyle.

Here’s what you will receive when we work together:

  1. A safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment
  2. A deeply personalized dialogue between us
      • Yes, we will softly unfold each of your layers that need a bigger voice, allowing you to confidently present your gifts to the world.
      • Whether it is in your career, your parenting skills, your spiritual search, your relationships, and/or your purposeful living, I’ve got you
  3. An individualized exploration from a holistic perspective
      •  We will approach all of your challenges from a holistic perspective, ensuring that you can experience balance in your life.
      • Imagine that feeling you get when you are certain of your decisions because you know you’ve made a choice in harmony with your spirit.
  4. A step-by-step customized plan to achieve your goal
      • Each week, we will address one or two areas in which you feel challenged and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.
      •  Because these will be bite-size changes, you will feel a sense of ease and not be overwhelmed.
  5.  A comprehensive action plan for your personal well-being
      • I will help nourish your body with knowledge of the right foods so that you have plenty of energy to enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies.
      • Clearing up any confusion around food and knowing what’s best for YOU takes away all the guesswork and lost time and/or money. Working with me, you will understand your metabolic type, your Ayurvedic dosha, and align both of those with your current lifestyle.
  6.  A simple time-management system customized to your individual needs
      •  You will learn ways of least resistance so that you can save time for the more important things in life like travel, education, and lazy afternoons.
      • I have a system that lets you work with the energetic tide so you don’t have to struggle to complete tasks.
      • We will create a plan to get you organized in all areas of your life so you can gain control over your days. Nothing feels worse than running around like a chicken with no head.
  7. An evaluative consultation on your emotional patterns
      • I will help you discover your blind spots so that you save yourself from repeated hurtful and uncomfortable experiences.
      •  My two decades of experience come in very handy when identifying those blind spots, I will help you see them gently, yet truthfully.
      • You will overcome the fear and doubts that are holding you back so you can bravely and effortlessly reach all of your goals. Fearful living is very difficult to overcome, but I will show you how to gracefully usher fear out while welcoming trust into both the universe and yourself.
      • Together, we will review your value system and create a life in alignment with those values so you can live your most authentic life.
      • Nothing depletes energy more than living out of alignment. You won’t  have to do that anymore because I will show you how to align everything with your inner radar with my personalized system.
      • Peacefulness should be your natural state. I can help you get there by sharing with you tools for creating a zen life. I will introduce you to rituals and practices that will allow you to achieve a calm state with the snap of your fingers — literally!
      • Now, imagine having total control over yourself and faith in the universe to bring all of your goals and dreams to fruition! What would that look like for you? Are you ready to claim what’s yours?
      • Then, let’s go….

Your Special Bonuses will include:

  • Personalized affirmations created just for you –  This will help you create new beliefs and a  positive mindset.
  • Daily rituals customized just for you- This physical action will allow you to ground the change in your heart  and make emotional and intellectual feelings concrete.
  • Total  body scan and alignment- With the help of a pendulum we will find the  bodily imbalances. This will help us support the body and bring in balance and harmony. 
  • Chakra balancing- This can help with aligning and activating your energy points to access higher stages of consciousness  and raise your vibrational frequency.
  • A gift box that includes personalized treats of little treasures to bring you joy and help you create personal rituals.
  • There is also an option to purchase a vibrationally charged piece of art created with special intentions just for YOU.

In this package you will receive:

  • Eight 75-minute sessions
  • 15% off all future retreats, workshops and future programs.
  • 10 Bonuses

If you are ready to move forward to feel empowered, clear, and confident, then this is the right program for you.

To see if this is the right program for you book your 30 min free consult Here

Open from –
Tuesday -Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm est